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Coaching Services

Channon is the founder and owner of Sterling Springs Ranch. She is a certified life coach in addition to her bachelor’s degree for business and extensive business background. Her purpose is to serve those who have experienced trauma, severe life stressors or whose lives have seemingly unraveled by guiding them through the steps necessary to step into a better, more peaceful life through the experience of coaching. Clients are entrepreneurs, parents, couples, teens and you! Channon has dedicated her life to serving others since she was a small child, training service animals for disabled people, fundraising and supporting local families and schools, guiding individuals through major life transitions from career to marital changes. While struggling to get out of an abusive marriage, she built a multi-million-dollar global business from the ground up, averaging 25% growth per year. The power of coaching has guided her inner work and healing and now she wishes to share that gift with others. She has developed a way to include her favorite hobby, horsemanship, into a renewal center where you can come to find peace, quiet, healing, encouragement, and even the path to your next great success. If you are ready for that experience, click the button below. 

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