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What the Fog??

Fog. We have all experienced it in our lives at one time or another, I'm sure. Fog limits the distance that we can see. Typically, where you could see to the horizon, you could be limited to a couple hundred feet or even just a few feet ahead of you, depending on how thick the fog is and the available natural light to permeate the fog. As a driver, it can be scary to continue forward at the speed limit with such limited visibility.

As I drove this morning, the fog was everywhere. Thick, limiting not only vision but even the sunlight. Through the clouds, the sun appeared moon-like and dull. It was hard to see the car in front of me. This gave me pause. How much is this like real life? How often are we totally unable to see what is coming or even where the next right step is? I couldn't even see the sign for the turn I needed to make onto the freeway, but I continued forward with faith.

This is so much like my life some days. I'm sure you can relate. There are so many details and "things" going on that we can't make out even the next step and we surely can't predict the future. Still, we press on, believing that we are supported and believing that we are doing the best thing that we can. In the time that it takes to drive a few miles, anyone's life can be forever changed. Will the fog cause an accident? Will I miss a turn? What if it gets worse? But what if it lifts? What if you can see clearly in just a few minutes?

Today, I choose to trust faith. I choose to trust my fellow drivers. I believe we are all supported and the greatest good for all will happen. I trust that I am safe. And when the fog lifts, the view ahead is clear and the next right choice is evident, I can look back calmly and confidently that I have maintained my faith through the fog, both figuratively and literally. I hope you all have a blessed day and remember the fog as you move forward in faith.

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