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Welcome to the Gelding Club

It's never easy to see your prized ponies laying motionless on the grass. Frankly, the sight makes my stomach turn. Rarely does anything good come from sedating horses to the point of being on the ground. That said, it was gelding day and this is par for the course. The constant reminder that this is for everyone's best interest (even theirs) keeps me calm. Thankfully, our new vet kept me and his assistant busy helping as there was much to do. We braved hail and a sudden downpour to ensure the timing was right for the boys and the vet and everything went as smoothly as possible, despite the foul weather.

These boys were thoughtfully bred by our farm using choice stallions and pairings. They are of the highest quality, bred with different goals in mind and looking at them side by side, you can see the shared traits and the difference in their studs. Both are compact and well built boys with positive dispositions. Watching them grow and develop has been so rewarding, but not as much as watching them over the last few days as their formal training begins. Rain is just a yearling out of our one and only Cairnview Gatsby (imported from Ireland in 2016) while Stormy, his half-brother is just over 2 years old and ready to start some "big boy" training, learning to accept a saddle and to pull carts. He is out of the one and only SD Hercules (and grandson of SD Woolly Mammoth- can you tell?).

Why do we put ourselves through these kinds of days? It was said best by someone we know and respect in the industry recently why we geld out colts. Summed up, she says that we geld our colts to ensure they have the best future possible, regardless of the hands they end up in. For us, this means 2 amazing show ponies for my girls; 2 calm, cool and collected horses for therapy on site; 2 gentle boys for riding lessons and so much more. It means a solid herd life for them, no matter who they are pastured with here or years in the future. An increase in versatility and compatibility. These, after all, are our babies. We waited and cared for and fretted over these babies and their momma from the moment we knew they were coming into this world. We spent many a night out in the barn, hanging out and just talking to them, watching them grow and explore, learning manners and learning to have a solid partnership with humans at the same time. They are the future of the farm!

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